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Is your Business facing a Branding problem you haven't identified?

1. Do you have a problem where your customers are not able to distinguish the value of your products/services vs your competitors' ?

2. Do you not have a pipeline of ideal clients and are attracting all the potentially wrong customers for your business?

3. Do your customers say "Wow, I didn't realise you did this" or " I thought you only did that , not this"?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you clearly have a Branding problem!

A Brand is an impression you create in the minds of your customers

Consumers tend to rely on emotion rather than logic when making purchase decisions, and this is where branding your company and its products can make a difference.

A strong brand will help you articulate and explain why people should buy from you and not your competitor. Even before they are ready to make a purchase, they feel they know who you are and what unique value they can count on your company to deliver.

Effective Branding can ensure your Business success for the long term

It’s not easy to create a brand that people love to use, but true branding does exactly that. It might be the difference between your business succeeding or failing in the long term.

A cohesive brand can makes your business attractive, easy to understand and makes it even easier for customers to work with you to buy faster, buy more and buy often from you

When a Brand stands out, it stands for something

Remember, branding is a promise your make to your customers. It creates trust and an emotional attachment to your product or company. It helps making purchasing decisions easier. It signals that you want to build customer loyalty and not just sell a product.

Branding is also typically viewed as something only large corporations are capable of doing and achieving. That’s quite a misconception because branding is for everyone, even for small business ventures.

It’s important for any company, big or small, to establish a good brand and to get its branding right!

Many Founders and Managing Directors believe that if they create a decent product and provide good service at the right price, the company will succeed. While those are things that every company should be doing, they will only get you so far.


Our typical Branding project consists of three phases:


Discovery and Brand Analysis

We commence with an in-depth analysis of the product category, Brand audit of your Competitors and a deep-dive of perceptions of your current Brand by your customers build a strong benchmark founded on hard objective data devoid of opinions.

We perform this using a combination of Brand workshops with the management, employees, customers, competition, industry reports, online research and statistical sampling of data


New Brand Strategy and Development

In this phase we zero in on a new Brand strategy and build a new framework that communicates a clear and consistent message that resonates in the minds of your customers and differentiates you from competitive offerings.

The Brand strategy is based on qualities that are important to the market derived from Brand Analysis.



Brand Identity and Collaterals Design

Armed with the new Brand strategy, we create a clear and consistent Brand Identity. We also create all marketing guidelines and the marketing Collaterals that your firm requires to communicate your Brand consistently and distinctively to win against the competition.

Think you have a Branding problem?


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