Our Recent Digital Technology Work

P&G, Middle East (Sales Automation)

P&G wanted to manage their retail sales force and sales more efficiently. Before they contacted Argience for help, they were suffering from manual process overload. Their existing process was entirely manual, prone to errors and was missing data. Enter Argience.

Using mobile and web technologies, we automated the structure of their sales process by creating user-friendly paths for their sales force and creating a real-time sales dashboard for their senior managers.

Now, their sales team can input sales at the instant it happens and their senior managers have real-time data to monitor sales and diffuse offers that enable them to stay ahead of the competition.

P&G Sales Automation
P&G Sales Automation

Client Quote

““Our Sales Automation which we implemented with Argience has enabled us get real-time updates from our teams and we are able to act swifter, faster to reach our region-wide sales targets.””
-- Ms.Farah, P&G, Senior Manager, Middle-East

Marionette Inc, USA (Enterprise Automation)

Marionette Company, Inc has various activities divided under three main verticals – Manufacturing, Distribution and Services. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, the group operates in Americas to meet the Industrial sewing Threads & Industrial Yarns requirements of several important industries such as Cordage, Industrial Fabrics, electronic communications, automotive, aerospace, mattress, furniture, sporting goods, leather, footwear, filtration, lifting and material handling and many more.


Their current business software was entirely outdated- desktop based, did not capture manufacturing process, manage their suppliers and did not integrate with accounting and finance. This was causing them to perform a lot of the process manually which was causing overall enterprise level inefficiency and loss of revenues. Enter Argience.

Using mobile and web technologies, we strategised and are creating a system that integrates and automates all the enterprise processes and workflow that is on the cloud and available to their employees, supplies and customers in real-time to improves overall costs and enable enterprise acceleration.

Enterprise Automation

Client Quote

“We felt Argience had the capabilities and the knowledge base to create custom software for our organization and hence we chose them as the preferred partner to automate our business software”
-- Mr. Sameer Patel, President, Marionette Inc.

SoftwareHunt, India (Marketing Automation)

Software@Work has been in the software reselling business for 20+ years. Before they contacted Argience, their sales team was suffering from their phone based qualification processes. It took a long duration per call to understand client needs, explain capabilities and qualify them . Enter Argience.

Using mobile and web technologies, we created a qualified lead generation system with a recommendation engine in the backend and a user management system that took user needs and using a mapping algorithm, recommended technology solutions that best fit the user in under 5 minutes. Now, their marketing automation has become a major leverage and the team is able to engage sales at a blistering pace.

Enterprise Automation Enterprise Automation

Client Quote

“The new Branding and Marketing Automation solution is great and it’s helping us project ourselves to companies we meet ”
-- Mr. Vikram Seth, Managing Director, Software@Work

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