Our Recent Branding Work

KELLOGG's, Middle-East - Brand campaign concept and collaterals

Argience helped Kellogg's create an entire new Brand concept, print, digital and retail collaterals for a large partner management campaign in the Middle-East.

Brand Collaterals - Kellogg's
Brand Collaterals - Kellogg's

Client Quote

“You are really good at what you do. I love your work”
-- Ms. May Badreddin, Head of Marketing, Kellogg's

PROMOCELL, Middle East - Brand Strategy, Identity and Collaterals

Over the past 30 years,PROMOCELL has consistently been one of the biggest promotion agencies in the Middle-East. Promocell turned to Argience to create a new Brand foundation, Identity and collaterals that would help them position themselves better to their customers as against the competition for the next decade.

Brand Identity - Promocell Brand Collaterals - Promocell

Client Quote

“Our new Brand has refreshed and communicated us in an entirely new light against the competition ”
-- Mr. Rajiv Ramnath, Managing Director, Promocell

Software@Work, India - Brand Strategy, Identity and Brand collaterals

After being a master Tally partner for 23 years, Software@Work turned to Argience to lay a strong Brand strategy to position as a software solutions provider. The new Brand strategy and collaterals have helped Software@Work communicate themselves better to their clients

Brand Identity - Software at Work Brand collaterals - Software at Work

Client Quote

“Our Branding and Marketing Automation is great and it’s helping us project ourselves to companies we meet to grow our business”
-- Mr. Vikram Seth, Managing Director, Software@Work

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