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A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding UX Design

If you are thinking of working on your conversion optimization and landing page optimization, understanding UX design is essential. The user, the single visitor that arrives on your site or landing page needs to be helped around. UX design helps make sure that during this process the most important person isn’t left out of the […]

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Debunking the Myth: White space is Wasted Space

White space or “negative space”, refers to the empty space between and around elements of a design or page layout and is often overlooked and neglected.   Although many may consider it a waste of valuable screen estate, white space is a fundamental building block of good design. When used strategically, it is a powerful […]

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12 Fundamentals of Great Brand Design

Creating beautiful brand design is about more than inspiration or a great idea, it’s about understanding the essence of the brand. Here are some key principles for those who want to build a great brand and make life better for those who experience them.   1. Stay classic Classic doesn’t mean boring and it certainly […]

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10 Brochure Design Mistakes to Avoid

Sometimes simple design mistakes can lead to the failure of a marketing campaign. So here are some of the corporate brochure design mistakes you should never make.   1. Overcrowding the Design While designing, some people include too much information and confuse readers. Give only the most important information about the company in order to […]

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6 Mobile User Experience fails

A good mobile UX can “turn users into customers.” In contrast, poor UX can make you lose your audience. Some mobile device users only wait a second before abandoning a site. That’s a very short time to make a good impression. Improving the mobile experience is always a learning process full of trial and error, […]

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The Importance of a Brand Colour

What colour conveys about a brand is more complex than you think. Every colour has a different feel and various associations. By choosing a colour or a combination of colours for your brand identity, you will take on those associations. Colours will evoke certain emotions and feelings towards your brand so it is vital to […]

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 5 Tips for Designing Quality Brochures

Brochures can be found everywhere nowadays. What makes your brochure different from the rest? What makes it stand out?   1. Keep the Branding Uniform When designing your company brochure it needs to be uniform to your company branding. Why would you create something that looks totally different from your currently established branding and have […]

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Fonts Speak Louder Than Words

In today’s digital landscape – more than ever – people are aware of typography, design and how the world looks around them. The world is full of beautiful fonts – choosing the right one for your next project can be a daunting task.   Here are four tips to help you understand fonts and why they are […]

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