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7 Tips for Creating a Powerful Tagline for Your Brand

Tagline, slogan… Whatever you choose to call it, it’s all the same. It’s the key phrase that identifies your business by capturing the essence of three elements: Your mission Your promise Your brand   Coming up with a great tagline is a struggle many people face. More often than not, they get it wrong by […]

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Few Ways You Are Turning Your Customers Away

Are you losing customers without even knowing it? With all the access customers have to products and services other than your own, it’s extremely easy to lose opportunities to make them happy. Take a look at your business and see if any of these pitfalls could be turning your customers away:   Unprofessional Salespeople: These […]

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Do’s and Don’ts of Developing a Brand

Developing a brand isn’t a one-time adventure – it is a journey that lasts as long as your company is in existence. A brand needs to be constantly monitored, measured, maintained, nurtured, improved and leveraged to provide customer value with the intention of earning lifetime loyalty and advocacy.   Here are some of the most […]

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Show, Not Tell: Tips to Enhance your Brand with Visual Imagery

The new world of marketing is increasingly visual. We have access to such a wide variety of visual platforms, magazines, and blogs at our fingertips, it is a constant competition for customer attention. There is an immense amount of digital content available to us on-the-go, and with no surprise, visual content is a growing trend […]

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10 Components to Consider for your Brand’s Tone

How hard is it for brands and organisations to consistently express the right brand tone of voice over time to every audience they come in contact with? Along with a brand strategy and visual identity system, it’s the tone of voice that helps the world engage with the brand.   Of course, finding the right tone […]

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6 Steps To Successfully Branding Your Identity [INFOGRAPHIC]

Whether you’re just starting out or thinking about re-imagining your business’s brand, taking the time to create a well thought out and cohesive identity for your business is crucial. A recognizable, appealing identity helps your customers better understand who you are, and ensures you’ll stand out in a crowded marketplace.   Below you’ll find the […]

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5 Ways to Transform Employees into Brand Ambassadors

Every well-managed company strives to have a strong brand. The best leaders realize that, despite conventional wisdom, strong brands aren’t built by the marketing department alone; every employee in every department has a role to play.   Engaged Employees Build Strong Brands Many companies focus all their branding efforts on marketing activities such as advertising […]

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5 Things Every Business Owner Should Know About Branding

If you’re a business owner or CEO of small to mid-size company and you feel that you might be falling behind in today’s digital marketplace, here are 5 things every CEO should know about branding.   1. The people in your market have defined your brand, and you don’t control it. Your brand strategy should […]

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The Importance of a Brand Colour

What colour conveys about a brand is more complex than you think. Every colour has a different feel and various associations. By choosing a colour or a combination of colours for your brand identity, you will take on those associations. Colours will evoke certain emotions and feelings towards your brand so it is vital to […]

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