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10 Lessons Brands Can Learn From Celebrities

There’s no denying that some celebrities are now being recognised as outstanding marketers. Their skills of connecting with audiences and generating mass followings online should get us thinking about how brands need to start applying new methods of marketing to their businesses.


Here are 10 valuable lessons that brands can learn from celebrities and help them steer away from the less effective traditional methods of marketing:


1. Personalise your brand

Give clients something they can really relate to by letting your brand’s personality shine through. Are you quirky? Academic? Reliable? Choose content that always fits your brand’s tone and style.


2. Listen to your audience

Consumers have some fairly basic needs, the main three being functional, social and emotional.

Brands need to encourage a distribution of their key information, enhance their image by making their consumers associate themselves with their brand and above all try and relate to their customer’s feedback and emphasise with their experiences.


3. Share secrets of your success

Brands can learn from this by giving consumers sneak previews of behind-the-scenes information or experiences. Sharing secret events and promotions before they are officially released can help build a trusting relationship with your audience and therefore help to grow your brand’s influence.


4. Demonstrate your appreciation

Validate your fans love for your business by expressing your gratitude and showing how much you appreciate their support. If you personally thank your consumers, it will give them something to brag about.


5. Be Human

Like celebrities, brands sometimes make mistakes. If you come across to consumers with a spirit of authenticity, they are much more likely to identify with you and appreciate your brand more as a result.

If your brand unfortunately makes an error in customer service, there can be a huge amount of power in making a meaningful and personal apology. You’ll be amazed by how quickly your consumer’s opinion of you may change back to being something more positive.


6. Highlight your differences

Remember that there is nothing wrong with daring to be different. Celebrities will often claim a particular look or even embrace a certain flaw as a method of setting them apart from other individuals in their industry. 

Be proud to show off the small things that set you apart from the competition.

What is unique about your brand that sets you aside from any competition? Embrace and emphasise what makes your brand so likable and continue to create that visual image that customers will buy into again and again.


7. Diversify your brand

Businesses need to stay relevant in the market by teaming up with other organisations that can make both companies elevate to much higher success levels. Once you have identified a partner, you can start analysing complimentary products or services.


8. Know what you want

Celebrities don’t only want followers, they want people who will buy the products they endorse or attend the shows they put on. It’s the same for you – define your goals and work towards them.


9. Provide functionalities

A generation of social media platforms has aided celebrities in giving their fans a selection of interactive sharing tools online. Businesses can follow their lead by using check-ins and posts via mobile apps to make their content much easier to share.


10. Don’t fear reinvention

Consider reinventing yourself by keeping your image fresh and devoting everything to your current consumer’s needs. You have to be comfortable with reinventing your style on a regular basis.

It’s too easy to let your brand become stale but by taking risks you are guaranteed to continue attracting a huge following over different generations, as long as you continue to stay true to your brand.


There is certainly no clear and guaranteed route to fame and fortune. Brands need to start moving towards the skills of constant communication and adjusting their campaigns to create more of a noticeable, overall presence.


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