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The 4 Rights of Marketing


No matter what marketing initiative you’re pursuing, the 4 Rights of Marketing are critical considerations and components. They’re the foundation of marketing and the secret to your marketing success.


The 4 Rights of Marketing Are…

Right message to the

Right audience at the

Right time in the

Right place.


The hard part comes when you try to figure out what the right message, the right audience, the right time, and the right place are for each of your marketing investments.


1. The Right Message

You can’t craft a compelling message that hypes the benefits which truly matter to the target audience unless you can identify and understand that audience first.

Think of it this way – if your ad hypes your restaurant’s low prices but your audience cares far more about quality of food and service than prices, your ad won’t generate the return on investment you need.


2. The Right Audience

You have to research the audience to identify specific target segments because one size does not fit all in marketing. In other words, one message does not fit all in marketing.

The audience segments would respond better to different messages, but you’d never know that if you didn’t first know your audience and segment them.


3. The Right Time

You have to make sure your marketing campaigns get in front of people when they’re receptive to them or your efforts will be useless. Timing matters a lot in marketing and it’s probably the “right” that you’ll have to experiment with the most.


4. The Right Place

People need to see your marketing messages when they’re in a place that they’re not only receptive to receive them but also capable of responding to them.

Every person in the world is not going to see every ad in the world. It’s your job as the marketer to find the best placement to ensure the target audience sees it.


The Takeaway

Make sure every marketing initiative is built on a solid foundation of the 4 Rights of Marketing, and remember, you’re unlikely to get it right the first time. Increasing the return on your marketing investments requires testing, reviewing, optimising constantly.


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